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From a press release 8/13/98

"...  The Worcester Women's History Project has recently commissioned four internationally known artists to paint the portraits of four important Worcester County women: Abby Kelley Foster, Dorothea Dix, Clara Barton and Lucy Stone. These portraits will hang in Worcester's historic Mechanics Hall. Local artist, Charlotte Wharton, will paint the portrait of Abby Kelley Foster ..."

This important portrait of Abby Kelley Foster, painted in the 19th Century style, now hangs in the Great Hall, Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts with thirty other portraits of significant historical individuals.

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Abby Kelley Foster (1811 – 1887)

Abby Kelley Foster was born January 15, 1811 to a Quaker family in Pelham, Massachusetts. The family moved to Worcester that same year. Abby was first introduced to abolitionism when she heard William Lloyd Garrison speak in 1832 in Worcester.  [More]